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Журнал "HEROIN ADDICTION AND RELATED CLINICAL PROBLEMS" - официальное издание Европейской ассоциации лечения опиоидной зависимости (EUROPAD) и Всемирной федерации по лечению опиоидной зависимости (WFTOD).

Представляем архив номеров издания за 2018 год.



Vol. 20 • No. N6 • December 2018

In this issue:

    • The Pros and Cons of Supervised Urine Tests in Opioid Maintenance Treatment: A Study of Patients' Experiences
      Monwell B., Bülow P., and Johnsson B.

    • ‘You Should Be Helping Him, He's Trying to Do Something About It': The Dilemma of Heroin Use, Agonist Opioid Treatment and Employment
      Emmerson O., Parkman T., Akhtar S., Lowe E., and Day E.

    • Sleep Problems among Intravenous and Non-Intravenous Opioid-Dependent Patients: The Role of Modality of Use
      Khazaie H., Jalali A., Cheraghi K., Mojtaba Ahmadi S., and Khaledi-Paveh B.

    • Outbreak of 'Novel Synthetic Opioids': A Deadly Threat to Public Health
      Lovrecic B., and Lovrecic M.

    • Personality Dimensions and Main Drug of Use in Dual Disorders
      Hurtado Ruiz M.G., Fonseca F., Díaz Digón L., Martínez Riera R., Martínez Sanvisens D., Mateu Codina G.A., Farre Martínez A., Sauras Quetcuti R.B., and Torrens M. 


Vol. 20 • No. N5 • October 2018

In this issue:

    • Addiction and self-reported associated sociodemographic factors in a small province of Iran
      Sedaghat Z., Fararouei M., Shahraki G., Karimzadeh Shirazi K., and Haghighi R.E.

    • An evaluation of community pharmacist perception of the misuse and abuse of over-the-counter co-codamol in Cornwell and Devon, UK: a cross-sectional survey
      Barrett R., and Costa D.

    • Switching between lyophilized and sub-lingual buprenorphine formulations in opioid-dependent patients: Observations on medication transfer during a safety and pharmacokinetic study
      Reed K., Knight A., Baillie S., Bogdanowicz K., Bell J., and Strang J.

    • The SCL90-Based psychopathological structure may be applied in substance use disorder patients independently of the drug involved, even in heroin, alcohol and cocaine monodrug users
      Carbone M.G., Maiello M., Spera V., Manni C., Pallucchini A., Maremmani A.G.I., and Maremmani I.

    • Comparing neurocognitive function in individuals receiving chronic methadone or buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid dependence: A systematic review.
      Hill D., Garner D., and Baldacchino A.

    • Medicinal products detected as novel psychoactive substances: The case of intravenous use of tropicamide.
      van Hout M.C.


Vol. 20 • No. N4 • August 2018

In this issue:

    • Multidisciplinary Settings in the Treatment of Drug-Addiction: An Experimental Evaluation
      Cicatelli P., Borriello M.T., De Vivo C., D'Oriano V., Fuscone A., Moccia E., and Siconolfi M.

    • A Review of Literature Assessing Public Opinion of Heroin Assisted Treatment
      Berrigan P.

    • Predictors of Retention and Mortality among Patients on Methadone Maintenance Therapy
      Teoh J., Yee A., and Danaee M.

    • Impact of Hepatitis B(Hbv)/C(Hcv) Virus Co-Infection on the Long-Term Survival of Patients with Schizophrenia and Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders
      Gimelfarb Y., Ligay A., and Ben Tzarfati M.

    • The Cost-Effectiveness of Naloxone Programmes for the Treatment of Heroin Overdoses ‘on the Street': A 2-Year Data Collection by the Street Unit of the Villa Maraini Foundation
      Barra M., Direnzo G.F.M., Patruno F.V., Patti M., Rodoquino G., Rossi E., Santoro R., and Badiani A.

    • Personality Profiles and Aggressive Behaviour of Heroin Use Disorder Patients Compared with Non-Substance-Use Peers
      Conversano C., Belcari I., Marchi L., Maremmani A.G.I., and Maremmani I.


Vol. 20 • No. N3 • June 2018

In this issue:

    • The Second to Fourth Digit (2d:4d) Ratios in Patients with Heroin Use Disorder
      Canan F., Sogucak S., Karaca S., Tegin C., Gecici O., and Kuloglu M.

    • Novel Psychoactive Synthetic Cannabinoids and Synthetic Cathinones: The Never-Ending Story of Potential Clinical Toxicity
      Lovrecic B., and Lovrecic M.

    • Relationship between Self-Mutilative Behaviour and Novelty Seeking, the Presence of Antisocial and Borderline Personality Disorders, and Severity of Psychopathology in a Sample of Male Patients with Heroin Use Disorder
      Evren C., Karabulut V., Alniak I., Umut G., Cetin T., Evren B., and Agachanli R.

    • Impact of Employment and Marital Status on Lapse Risk Situations among Addicted Patients in Methadone Maintenance Treatment
      Abed M.

    • How to Develop and Implement an Exercise Programme in a Heroin-Assisted Treatment Setting
      Staub L., Gerber M., Vogel M., Dürsteler-Macfarland K., Strom J., Schoen S., Pühse U., and Colledge F.

    • Diversion of Buprenorphine: Scope of the Problem and the Measures Taken to Address It
      Tripathi R., and Sarkar S.


Vol. 20 • No. N2 • April 2018

In this issue:

    • Methadone Dose as a Determinant of Infant Outcome During the Peri and Postnatal Period
      Wang M., Stapleton J., and Wolff K.

    • Affective Temperaments in Non-Depressed Patients with Alcohol and Opiate Addictions. Is  the “Dark Side” Associated with Current Depressive Symptoms?
      Kałwa A., Siwy-Hudowska A., and Niznikiewicz M.

    • Heroin Deaths in Norway in 2000 and 2009: A Comparative Study of Polydrug Use
      Karinen R., Konstantinova-Larsen S., Normann P.T., Mørland J., Christophersen A.S., and Arnestad M.

    • Refractory Bipolar Patient Treated with Oral Methadone: Does Methadone Act as Mood Stabilizer?
      Etaee F., Shirdel S., Azarhomayoun A., Nasiri K., and Komaki A.

    • Excess Suicide Mortality in Heroin Use Disorder Patients Seeking Opioid Agonist Treatment in Slovenia and Risk Factors for Suicide
      Lovrecic M., Lovrecic B., Maremmani I., and Maremmani A.G.I.

    • How to Improve a Poorly Running Agonist Opioid Treatment (Aot). Part 5:  Higher Dosage
      Ulmer A., and Meinhold C.


Vol. 20 • No. N1 • February 2018

In this issue:

    • Treatment Expansion for Opioid Use Disorders in the United States
      Parrino M.

    • Capgras Syndrome in a Heroin Addict. A Case Study
      Lovrecic M., and Lovrecic B.

    • Opioid Maintenance Therapy with Methadone and Levomethadone - Sexual Dysfunction and Treatment Satisfaction 
      Schoofs N., Häbel T.H., Bermpohl F., and Gutwinski S.

    • On the Long-Term Status of Treatment-Seeking, Heroin Addicted Patients: A 22-Year Follow-up Study on Mortality and Drug Use in Portugal
      Pombo S., and Félix da Costa N.

    • Methadone Versus Torture: The Perspective of the European Court of Human Rights
      Junod V., Wolff H., Scholten W., Novet B., Greifinger R., Dickson C., and Simon O.

    • Characteristics of Methadone-Related Overdose Deaths and Comparisons between Those Dying on and Off Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT):  a National Cohort Study.
      Van Hout M.C., Crowley D., Collins C., Barry A., Lyons S., and Delargy I.

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