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HEROIN ADDICTION AND RELATED CLINICAL PROBLEMS: актуальный выпуск и архив номеров за 2018 год

Журнал "HEROIN ADDICTION AND RELATED CLINICAL PROBLEMS" - официальное издание Европейской ассоциации лечения опиоидной зависимости (EUROPAD) и Всемирной федерации по лечению опиоидной зависимости (WFTOD).

Опубликован и доступен для скачивания октябрьский выпуск журнала (Vol. 20 • No. N4 • October 2018).

В этом номере:

    • Addiction and self-reported associated sociodemographic factors in a small province of Iran
      Sedaghat Z., Fararouei M., Shahraki G., Karimzadeh Shirazi K., and Haghighi R.E.
    • An evaluation of community pharmacist perception of the misuse and abuse of over-the-counter co-codamol in Cornwell and Devon, UK: a cross-sectional survey
      Barrett R., and Costa D.
    • Switching between lyophilized and sub-lingual buprenorphine formulations in opioid-dependent patients: Observations on medication transfer during a safety and pharmacokinetic study
      Reed K., Knight A., Baillie S., Bogdanowicz K., Bell J., and Strang J.
    • The SCL90-Based psychopathological structure may be applied in substance use disorder patients independently of the drug involved, even in heroin, alcohol and cocaine monodrug users
      Carbone M.G., Maiello M., Spera V., Manni C., Pallucchini A., Maremmani A.G.I., and Maremmani I.
    • Comparing neurocognitive function in individuals receiving chronic methadone or buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid dependence: A systematic review.
      Hill D., Garner D., and Baldacchino A.
    • Medicinal products detected as novel psychoactive substances: The case of intravenous use of tropicamide.
      van Hout M.C.

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